Care & Cleaning Tips for Jewelry

Care & Cleaning Tips for Jewelry

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How to Clean Gold Plated Jewelry

Our beautiful and current trending jewelry requires a delicate method to be cleaned. In this email we are providing 7 helpful tips to help keep the piece of jewelry as new as possible.

TIP 1: Do Not use anti-bacterial soap as this can tarnish or damage the jewelry's longevity.

TIP 2: Do Not use harsh jewelry cleaners or polishing liquids as these can actually damage your gold plated jewelry.

TIP 3: Clean only one piece at a time to prevent scratches.

TIP 4: Do Not wipe harshly (either pat or air dry) as it may damage the gold polish.

TIP 5: Frequently worn jewelry should have a deeper clean every few weeks using warm soapy water.

TIP 6: Do not spray perfume, hair sprays, or any other sprays after wearing your jewelry. The direct interaction of chemicals in the spray may harm your jewelry. Wear them after you have sprayed them.

TIP 7: After applying any lotion or cream, wait for it to be dried. Later wear your necklace, bangles, rings, or any other gold plated jewelry.

How to Clean Gold Plated Jewelry

Our beautiful and current trending jewelry requires a delicate method to be cleaned. In this email we are providing 5 methods to help keep your piece of jewelry as new as possible.

Gentle Cleaning Method 1

1.) Use a Jewelry Cloth or Soft Cloth.
Using the softest cloth that you can find proceed to cleaning the surface areas of your jewelry with a gently rubbing method. Try not to apply too much pressure or scrub it too much as your jewelry is delicate.

Gently Cleaning Method 2

1.) Gently wipe your gold plated jewelry using soft cotton balls.
To enjoy the longevity of your piece, clean your jewelry gently with a cotton ball to remove dirt, oil, and cosmetics.

2.) Using wet cotton balls for deeper cleaning.
You can dampen cotton balls in distilled or reverse osmosis water, squeezing the excess water out. Then proceed to wipe down your stunning jewelry and allow it to air dry!

Gently Cleaning Method 3

1.) Using a damp soft cloth.
You can use a damp soft cloth to remove oils and debris. Create a warm soapy water mixture with one to 2 drops of dish soap and 1/2 Cup of water. Dampen the cloth in the soapy mixture and gently wipe your jewelry, proceed to rinse, then dry. You can polish the jewelry with a soft dry cloth.

Deeper Cleaning Method 1
If your piece of jewelry has intricate designs or needs a deeper cleaning, you can use a cotton swab.

1.) Grab a cotton swab or 2 for deeper cleaning or intricate designs.
If you have fancy jewelry with complexity, this method will help remove soiling left in small grooves.

2.) Use a gentle dish soap and water solution.
For gold plated jewelry with gemstones, it is better to use a mixture of a drop of dish washing liquid and 1/2 Cup of water (depending on how much oil, cosmetics etc are caked on). Proceed to dip the cotton swab (or cotton ball) in the solution, cleaning it gently. Rinse and dry your beautiful jewelry.

Deeper Cleaning Method 2
1.) Use a gentle dish soap and warm water solution.
Create a soapy water mixture using a drop or 2 of dish washing liquid (or baby soap) with about a 1/2 Cup of warm distilled water. Place the jewelry in the mixture for no more than 3 minutes then remove. Using a Soft toothbrush only, dip it in the soapy mixture and gently polish the piece. Rinse the jewelry, then dry & restore the shine with our specialized jewelry cloth or other soft cloth.
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