Shipping policy



We typically ship all orders within 2-5 business days. It is usually less than 3 days during off-peak season, but may be up to 5 days during peak times like Black Friday and Christmas.



We ship all items with USPS. For international shipments, your local mail carrier will handle and deliver the item once it enters your country.



We ship all orders from our USA factory. Some international packages may be delayed due to routing or customs delays, due to Covid-19.

    USA - Within 2-5 business days

    Canada - Within 4-10 business days

    Western Europe - Within 3-8 business days

    Australia/NZ - Within 5-15 business days

    Rest of the World - Within 5-20 business days


Check your local mail carrier website for the latest updates on how Covid-19 is affecting deliveries.

If you have further questions or concerns, please email us at:




For US domestic shipping, tracking numbers may take up to 24 hours to start updating. If the updates stop during transit, allowing up to 5 business days will usually provide further updates.

For International shipments, tracking numbers start updating 5-10 days after we ship it. This is due to how carrier UPS transports the item to the international sorting hub in New York, and updates only begin once sorted ready for export.

Once the item is showing in transit, it will pause updates once it leaves the USA. For most countries, it'll start updating again within 15 days, typically once it has cleared customs in the destination country.


Returned to sender

An item may be returned to sender, or it may show as delivered to our Florida factory in Clearwater.

In these cases, the most common reason is that the customer provided an incorrect or incomplete shipping address.

You can check the tracking history to see if the carrier has indicated what the issue was, though this reason is not always accurate.


Contact us at and provide your complete shipping address, including any apartment or unit numbers to request reshipment.


Wrong address

Once an item has shipped, we cannot change the shipping address.


In most cases, the item will be returned to sender and we can reship it once it's back with us. Contact us at and provide your complete shipping address, including any apartment or unit numbers to request reshipment.


Item Not Received But Tracking Shows Delivered

We are not liable for packages where the tracking shows as delivered. Your satisfaction is our top priority so we will work with you to try and figure out what happened. If it is proven that the package was stolen or delivered to the wrong address and after enough time has passed (at least 14 days) and thorough investigation done by the customer, only then at our sole discretion will we consider a reshipment of the same item/s.

If you received the delivery confirmation notification a short while ago, please give it a few hours then check again, sometimes the USPS or carrier scans a package as delivered even before they have physically delivered it.

Even though the USPS tracking shows a status of “delivered”, sometimes the tracking is not correct.  It’s rare that a package is actually “lost” but it can happen.

Another household member could have received the package and placed it somewhere within the residence. Check with other household members and neighbors to see if they’ve received the package.

The package may still be on the truck or at the Post Office. Wait a few days past the “delivered” date shown on the tracking. This same scenario has actually happened to me. I waited several days after the tracking showed “delivered” and my package showed up 2 days later.

The package was delivered to the wrong address; the apartment building next door. Please check with neighbors, your postal carrier and/or call your post office to inquire.

The Post Office now has GPS info on all scanned delivered packages, Contact your Post Office and have them check the actual delivery address.

If all the above steps fail to turn up the package, then the issue may be related to stolen mail. Initiate a “stolen mail” report with USPS Postal Inspector’s office. You will need to complete a USPS affidavit affirming the status of the package as “stolen” (and a USPS Postal Inspector may contact you). In addition, you should also complete a stolen mail report and if necessary, a homeowners or renters insurance loss affidavit. You might need to file a “stolen mail” report with your local police department so there is a record of mail theft in your area.  A police officer will come out and speak with you, take photographs, etc. so his report is accurate. He could also interview neighbors (or business owners if the delivery address was a commercial location) if this has happened recently in your neighborhood, and ask about recent deliveries and/or suspicious activity in your area.  The insurance company will need a copy of his report to file an insurance claim. Mail theft is a federal crime so they take this very seriously.

I understand how excited you are to have your merchandise and that’s exactly what I want too! Please understand investigations can take time and likewise, a package can sometimes show up after it has been marked as delivered.  I can’t thank you enough for your patience.