About Us

About Us

Hello there!  Thank you for coming across our shop!  We are happy that you found us!  We are Jennifer and Michael.  We are a married couple and decided to bring our talent and skills online.  We have been designing and creating for 20+ years. 


We proudly started our shop at the end of 2021.  A little about us; Michael was laid off from his job during the global pandemic and was unemployed for some time.  While trying to regain self-sufficiency without success, he realized he wanted to follow his passions and create a business.  Jennifer is an artist and is disabled, which limits the time she can invest in things but this by no means limits her creative mind. 


Our eCommerce business is in our hearts as we put so much love and energy into it.  We strive for excellence, as our business is our main source of making a living.  We spend the time we can creating, designing, strategizing, and implementing.  We are grateful that we get to use our gifts, talents, and abilities that we have been given in this life. 

We ask you to please favorite our shop so that you can check back often to see what we display!  Please feel free to email us:  support@newdayvim.com


As you explore and browse our ever expanding shop, we invite you to view holidays, occasions, festivities, and plans, as moments in time in your life that are to be enjoyed and celebrated!  We hope our products will help you with your beautiful life moments and experiences to create lasting memories!  Embrace all of the possibilities that life and each day holds for you!


This Day Will Never Come Again...


Our goal and mission is to make sure that every purchase with us, New Day Vim, is Fast, Easy, Safe, Satisfying, and allows you to know that we are a Reliable place to make your transactions.  In the end we want your experience to be as Magical as everyday should be!  As you purchase and gift/use our products, we hope that you experience A Brand New Day Dawning!  Seize the Day!  Carpe Diem! 


Thank you so much for shopping with us!  You have our eternal gratitude! 


Peace, Blessings, Love, & Abundance to You Now and Always!,

New Day Vim, a subsidiary of, A Brand New Day Dawning

Jennifer and Michael